Global Investments

for Sustainable Growth

Who We Are

The Global Investments Group is the overseas investment arm of GS Energy. We support emerging companies that provide data-based insights and are helping to lower emissions and electrify the energy system. By leveraging its network of GPs and venture teams in the U.S., GIG aims to drive innovation and reinvent GS Energy as an integrated energy company that accelerates the energy and mobility transformation.

The Global Investments Group focuses on significant minority stakes in growth-stage companies that will strengthen and extend GS Energy's core businesses as well as open up new opportunities for addressing future energy demands. As a strategic partner, we seek to help companies scale and disrupt new markets.

Our Focus​
Investment Areas
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    · Energy as a Service

    · Energy Management Systems

    · Cybersecurity

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    · Green Hydrogen Technology

    · Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage

    · Circular Economy Technology

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    · EV Charging Infrastructure

    · Battery Recycling

    · Next-generation Battery Technology

    · ESS

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